Learn how to draw and paint

with Thaneeya McArdle!

Do you want to learn how to draw or paint? Are you looking for painting tips and drawing techniques that will help you along your artistic journey? Or perhaps you'd like to deepen your understanding of and appreciation for art?

This website has something for everyone - from the complete beginner to the avid art enthusiast. Basically, this is a website for the creative spirit!

You'll find practical hands-on tutorials that cover a wide range of subjects within the world of painting and drawing. Art-is-fun.com also features inspiring and encouraging articles that explain the main facets of art, such as subject matter and style... all of which aim to ignite and rejuvenate your passion for self-expression through art!

Learn to paint photorealistically! Learn about abstract art! Learn how to use colored pencils!

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We welcome artists of all skill levels – no experience is required!

Art-is-fun.com is the dedicated work of single artist: Thaneeya McArdle (me). That's my art above, and I'm delighted at the chance to share with you everything I know about art and art-making. You will also often see my artwork on every page of this site, to illustrate the topic at hand.

Learning how to draw and paint is a fun process (hence the name of this site)! These pages provide a wealth of information about how to draw and paint ~ and also about what to draw and paint. Explore the different subjects in art to get a better grasp of why certain themes have been so popular in art throughout the ages. Click through the various art styles to learn the different forms that art can take. Let these ideas wash over you and seep into your creative soul!

So, pull up an easel, get out your drawing pad, put on your favorite smock! Let's have fun!

cute flowers

This website is an ever-evolving work-in-progress, because there's just so much to share about how to make art! I began this website in 2009 and even though my work as a full-time professional artist keeps me very busy, I still add new articles and tutorials to Art is Fun when I have the time. Bookmark this site, or subscribe to the Art is Fun feed, to keep up-to-date on the latest artistic offerings. You can also subscribe to Artspeak, the free Art is Fun e-newsletter below!

If you'd to see more of my art, check out my website at Thaneeya.com. You can also visit my online shop at ShopThaneeya.com.

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