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If you have any questions or comments about Art is Fun, feel free to drop me a line!

If you have any specific questions about art or art-making, check out the Art Colony! The Art Colony is an interactive extension of Art-is-fun.com, where visual artists can share their art, discuss techniques, and participate in art-related activities.

For questions about using specific media, post your question in the Art Colony Forums and you'll receive answers from different artists with a range of experiences. You'll find forums dedicated each medium that is covered on this site - plus oils, for all you oil painters!

For questions about your own artwork, post your art in the Critique Corner on the Art Colony, where you can upload your art for friendly feedback from your fellow artists.

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On the Art Colony, you'll also find different groups that you can join that focus on various subject matter and styles, from ATCs to sketching to abstract art, and more!

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*If you purchased my coloring pages and need help with the download process, I will do my best to respond within 24 hrs.

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