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I hope you enjoy Art-is-fun.com and find the information and artwork both useful and inspiring. This site is truly a labor of love, and it is entirely created by one individual - me. I created this site because art is my passion, my creative outlet, my release, and one of my favorite forms of self-expression. I know how fulfilling and transformative the artistic process can be, and it is my honor to help you along your own artistic path in any way possible.

On this site, I recommend various art supplies that I have personally used and found to be of good quality. I also include links to art supplies that I haven't yet used - but would love to if I could! These links will take you to the online stores where the products can be safely and securely purchased. These sites include DickBlick.com (which I wholeheartedly recommend as the #1 online store for purchasing art supplies, since I've been buying my art supplies from them for over a decade!), as well as Mister Art, Amazon, Office Depot and Buy.com, for the few things that Dick Blick doesn't currently carry.

Art-is-fun.com has an affiliate relationship with DickBlick.com and other sites, such as Amazon. If you click on a link in my site that leads you to one of my affiliate partners, and you make a purchase from that site, then I will receive a very small percentage of that sale as a commission. These commissions are what help keep this site going and help keep the information on this site free for your enjoyment.

If the information on Art-is-fun.com is useful to you and you would like to show your appreciation for this site, please click the links to my affiliate partner listed below whenever you need to purchase art supplies online. I always appreciate any support you can give, so thank you!

Enjoy Art-is-fun.com and happy art-making!!


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