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Most people are somewhat familiar with the process of shading with a pencil, but not everyone knows the drawing techniques for creating value with a pen.

There is one main difference between shading with a pencil and shading with a pen: with pencil, you can apply shading by increasing pressure - in other words, pressing the pencil harder against the paper in the areas that you want to appear darker. With the exception of ball point pens, you can't use the pressure technique in pen and ink to create value. Instead, you must use one of the techniques demonstrated below.

You might be surprised to learn that, aside from the pressure technique, the basic drawing techniques for creating value when drawing with pen involves exactly the same strokes as when using pencil. The basic strokes include hatching, cross-hatching, contour-hatching, scumbling, and stippling, as shown in the examples below.

hatching in pen and ink

hatching - a row of lines, all facing in the same direction. More dense and concentrated in the areas that appear darker.

cross-hatching in pen and ink

cross-hatching - similar to hatching, except with the addition of criss-crossing lines.

contour-hatching in pen and ink

contour-hatching - follows the contour, or curve or outline, of the object. In this case, the hatching is rounded to match the shape of the circle.

scumbling in pen and ink

scumbling - tiny, squiggly circular lines - sort of like "controlled scribbling"

stippling in pen and ink

stippling - placing many, many dots on the paper to indicate shading. Probably the most time consuming of all the methods, but creates some neat effects.

5 techniques for creating value in pen and ink

Side-by-side illustration of the 5 techniques for creating value in pen and ink

(from left to right: hatching, cross-hatching, contour-hatching, scumbling, stippling)

I've included this side-by-side comparison to further illustrate the results of the different drawing techniques. It's best to familiarize yourself with all of them, so that you will intuitively know which one will best suit the subject matter in your drawing. You can combine any of these techniques into the same artwork, to create some neat effects!

funky flowers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pen and Ink Techniques

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