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Learn about mixed media techniques by asking questions! If you're working on a modern art mixed media piece and you run into a conundrum, this is the place to ask.

Mixed media can involve so many different types of media - colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, collage, etc, which means that mixed media artists can have a lot of questions! If you want to know things like the ins and outs of combining specific media, or how to protect and preserve your finished modern art mixed media piece, then please ask your question in the Mixed Media Forum on the Art Colony - the interactive extension of Art-is-fun.com.

If you have a finished mixed media piece that you would like to share, upload it to the Critique Corner. You'll receive friendly feedback from your fellow artists! Whether you have any specific questions about how to improve your mixed media art or simply want to know what others think of it, you can ask in the Art Colony forums.

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What Other Visitors Have Asked About Mixed Media

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Sealing mixed media artwork on vellum paper 
I am doing Illumination/calligraphy on vellum with imitation gold leaf, permanent ink, watercolors, gouache, and iridescent color pencils - basically …

How to seal oil pastels and acrylic paints 
Reader Question: I just discovered the fun that could be had by using oil pastels in conjunction with acrylic paints. Using them under the paint, over …

Best surface for colored pencil and acrylic mixed media art 
Reader Question: Which surface do you recommend when using colored pencils along with acrylics? There are several surfaces I can recommend for …

How to reduce shine when using magazine clippings in collage art 
Reader Question: Hi, I have always painted in acrylic. I want to try something new this year and would like to do a painting with acrylic paint, oil …

What type of paint for mixed media art? 
Reader Question: What is the best type of paint to buy to use in mixed media art? Hi Nellie! If you want to make mixed media art that includes …

Help on an illustration in oils 
Reader Question: Hi there, I admire your work. I am attempting a photo realistic illustration. What I want to do is sketch out the image and then …

Using charcoal on canvas with other media 
Hi Thaneeya, Your website and your art is wonderful! I stumbled across it this morning and am so happy I found it. I am an artist who works with lots …

Will graphite pencil marks dissolve if watercolor pencils are drawn over it? 
I love to draw with graphite ONLY, but I also LOVE color. So I bought a few sets of Prismacolor watercolor pencils , thinking I can just trace over …

Adding food coloring to watercolors 
Can you add food coloring to watercolors, or would it somehow mess up the paint? Would the food coloring bleed through the paper or stay in one spot? …

Attaching Fabric to Mixed Media Supports 
I sew and want to use fabric and other fibers on canvas board and craft wood (birch and plywood, 1/4"- 3/4" thick) as supports for creating my mixed …

How to varnish mixed media artwork on paper 
I've created a mixed media (collage and acrylic) work on heavy weight paper and want to know if you can varnish works done on paper? The product says …

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