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Papel Picado Workshops

Marcelino Bautista Sifuentes demonstrates how to make papel picadoMarcelino B. Sifuentes shows a young man
how to make papel picado
at a Dia de los Muertos event at CSLA

Papel picado workshops are a fun way to learn about papel picado!

Anyone can learn how to make papel picado, especially with a teacher like Marcelino B. Sifuentes. Marcelino has been practicing the Mexican art of paper-cutting (called papel picado) for several years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others through his paper-cutting workshops, which he runs with the help of his family in southern California.

Learn how to make papel picado

Marcelino and his family offer fun, hands-on workshops and demonstrations about the art of papel picado. Participants learn about Mexican culture and history while trying their hands at making papel picado themselves. After attending one of Marcelino's workshops, you will have the basic skills and knowledge to create your own papel picado at home.

Boy wearing a papel picado necklaceA fun way to wear papel picado

Marcelino's workshops can be geared towards any kind of event. Here are just some of the places where Marcelino has run his papel picado workshops:

  • schools & colleges
  • libraries
  • multicultural fairs
  • family events
  • museums
  • churches
  • birthdays
  • weddings
  • cultural events

Papel picado workshops make a worthy addition to any community event. Workshops can even be booked as a fun crafty event at a daycare or as an activity at retirement homes. Marcelino has taught people of all ages, from 3 to 80, how to make papel picado, which shows that making papel picado is truly an activity for every age range.

Papel picado workshopPapel Picado Event - Las Posada's @ Heritage Park 2010

No matter what your occasion, Marcelino's papel picado workshops or demonstrations can be tailored to suit the needs or theme of your event.

Making papel picado

For instance, Marcelino led a papel picado workshop at a World Arts Day event where he showed participants how to make Dia de los Muertos-type images. For the Oguhatshi Family Festival, which had both a family theme and a New Years theme, Marcelino demonstrated how to make paper dolls that represented that family and also used imagery of Janus, the Greek god of New Year, to depict the New Year theme.

At their papel picado workshops, Marcelino provides everyone with materials and hand-outs. Participants don't need to bring anything – they just need to show up, ready to make some fun paper-cutting designs!

To book Marcelino for a papel picado workshop or demonstration, visit his website, www.mypapelpicado.com for more information.

About Marcelino B. Sifuentes

"The preservation of culture is important - it is what makes us all unique and learning about different cultures gives us all a better understanding of the world around us."

- Marcelino B. Sifuentes

Marcelino has a degree in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Chicano Studies and History from California State University Fullerton.

Marcelino B. Sifuentes makes papel picadoMarcelino makes a detailed paper-cutting of La Catrina

He deeply understands the importance of celebrating and preserving culture, to ensure that traditions and knowledge are not lost. In recent years papel picado has become a dying art form, but thanks to Marcelino, people of all ages are starting to learn about the Mexican art of paper-cutting and the art form is once again gaining interest.

Through the efforts of Marcelino and his family, enthusiasm for this traditional Mexican art-form is passing from one generation to the next. Their goal is to "preserve and promote the art of papel picado, while helping to preserve culture and community."

"It is our belief that through education we will all grow into a more productive society."

Papel picado of La Catrina by Marcelino Bautista SifuentesMarcelino's finished and framed papel picado of La Catrina

Q & A with the Sifuentes Family

Kris Sifuentes was kind enough to answer several questions about papel picado, from how to make it to how to frame it:

Can anyone learn how to make papel picado?

With a little guidance anyone can do papel picado with scissors. The Maestro Picador does his original pieces with chisels. No prior art training is necessary.

How to make papel picadoMaking papel picado with scissors

Do people need to buy special tools if they want to make papel picado at home?

It all depends on how they wish to proceed - if they would like to create detailed images like El Maestro Picado, then yes they will need chisels, but if they would like to make images like we offer in our workshops then all they need is scissors. We will soon have a book for sale that will include original images which they can make at home with scissors.

What is the largest papel picado that Marcelino has ever made?

The largest original piece he has created is 26 inches by 26 inches. It was the logo for California State University Fullerton Chicano Resource Center.

Do you have any tips on framing papel picado?

Patience, it takes a lot of work to line everything up and to make all the pieces lay straight.

Papel picado eventPapel picado workshop at Cal State University of Los Angeles

Custom Papel Picado

If you'd like to order custom papel picado, contact Marcelino via his website. He is open to any type of custom order for all occasions.

For more info about Marcelino Bautista Sifuentes and his papel picado workshops, please visit his website: www.mypapelpicado.com.

Papel picado workshop

Learn more about papel picado

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