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I started this Art is Fun in 2009 as a labor of love to help artists around the world. Overall I've spent thousands of hours working on this site to provide free information and inspiration. It fills me with joy when people tell me how much they enjoy this site!

Over the years I've received a lot of emails from people asking how they can "give back" to thank me for this site. While I'm not comfortable accepting donations or hosting ads, you can show your appreciation by purchasing my coloring pages or products from my shop. You can also make a purchase through one of my affiliates: Blick Art Materials, Amazon or The Great Courses Plus (see banners below), who provide me with a small commission from each sale referred from this site. I only recommend services that I use personally. I buy almost all my art supplies from Blick (read more about that below), I’m an Amazon Prime member, and I’m a paying subscriber to the Great Courses Plus (I especially love their art and photography courses!).

Proceeds from these purchases will help fund the site and allow me to spend more time creating lessons!

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When you make a purchase after clicking on the banners below I get a small commission that supports this site! To learn more, check out my disclosure statement.

If you’re looking to buy art supplies, I wholeheartedly recommend Blick Art Materials (link above). I placed my first order with Blick back in 2004 and have been a loyal customer ever since! There are a number of reasons why I prefer to shop from Blick:

  • Blick offers a huge selection of materials, with over 90,000 different items for artists! You could spend hours just browsing their website or catalog and drooling over their inventory.

  • The items Blick sells are carefully vetted and selected - unlike Amazon, where anyone can sell anything which means the quality of some of the unestablished art brands can be a bit spotty. When you purchase from Blick you can also rest assured that the items are authentic, whereas some third-party Amazon sellers unscrupulously offer counterfeit products disguised as name brands.

  • Blick offers fast shipping and easily-accessible customer service through email, phone or chat. Impressively, Blick has real people answering the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

  • Blick is a family-run business that has been selling art supplies for over 100 years. They have a long history of supporting the arts through financial and product donations, sponsorships and more, which supports artists of all levels (student and professional), art education and art in communities.

  • In addition to their online shop, you can also check their Store Locator to see if there is a Blick store near you. Just browsing a Blick store in person is an inspiring experience! When I’m traveling, I’m always excited if I notice there’s a Blick store I can visit. So far I’ve visited Blick stores in Florida, Georgia and Washington DC and I never leave empty-handed, even if it means stuffing new art supplies into my luggage. 😁