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This e-book of Sugar Skull Coloring Pages is packed with Day of the Dead skulls for you to color!

If you love the imagery of Mexico's most famous holiday, Day of the Dead, then these detailed sugar skulls will keep you busy for hours.

This Sugar Skull Coloring E-Book contains 21 coloring pages that you can print as many times as you want!

In total, there are actually 35 detailed sugar skulls and 14 blank skull outlines in this e-book, because some pages have more than 1 skull per page!

Sugar skull coloring sheets

The blank skulls offer a great way to express your creativity, giving you the chance to personalize your own Dia de los Muertos skulls with colors, patterns, and imagery that are meaningful to you.

There are so many different ways to color these sugar skulls:

  • so many media to try
  • so many types of paper you can use
  • so many color schemes to explore...

...and since this is a printable coloring e-book, it means you can print and color these skulls as many times as you want!

These Sugar Skull Coloring Pages are only available in e-book format, which means that after purchase you will receive an email with a download link so you can access these sugar skull pages ASAP and get coloring right away! You won't receive a hard copy in the mail - instead you print these pages on your own printer. For more info about printable coloring pages and why they're so awesome, click here.

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This e-book of Sugar Skull Coloring Pages is available as an instant download for $8.

That's only 38 cents per sugar skull page - and you can print them as many times as you like!

Plus no shipping fees, no waiting time - we're talkin' instant gratification*, no matter where you are in the world!

* For payments made via credit card or a Paypal balance, the download link is sent instantly to the email address you provided. If you pay via e-check, it will take several days for the e-check to clear. The download link will be sent automatically after the e-check has cleared.

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I'm thrilled to offer you this e-book of Sugar Skull Coloring Pages. This is an exciting collaboration – my sugar skull designs and your infinite creativity!

Each of the sugar skull designs in this e-book was carefully hand-drawn by me, and now they will be brought to life by you!

These Sugar Skull Coloring Pages and the sugar skull designs in them are totally unique - you won't find these sugar skulls anywhere else.

Inside this sugar skull ebook you'll discover:

  • A brief explanation of sugar skulls
  • An idea sheet that lists different media you can use to color these skulls, as well as different surfaces you can print them onto
  • 21 pages of sugar skulls (including a total of 35 detailed sugar skulls and 14 blank skull outlines) sized to print on standard 8.5" x 11" paper (they can also fit on A4 paper)
  • A page of coloring examples in 3 different media

Here's a visual overview of what you'll get:

Sugar Skull Coloring Book

What are sugar skulls?

Sugar skulls to color

Mexican sugar skulls are candies made from white sugar and colored icing. They are given as gifts in Mexico during Dia de los Muertos, which falls on November 1 and 2 of each year. These colorful, whimsical skulls represent a view of death that is not scary or morbid. Instead, they embrace the idea that life continues in some form after death.

What is Day of the Dead?

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday, called Dia de los Muertos in Spanish. On Day of the Dead, Mexicans and other celebrants around the world honor their ancestors and deceased loved ones. It is a day of rejoicing and connecting with those who have passed. It is also a time to reflect on the meaning of life and death. On the whole, Day of the Dead is a happy occasion, not a sad one – which is reflected in Day of the Dead art, such as these sugar skulls!

Click here for more info about Day of the Dead in Mexico and beyond.

Day of the Dead coloring book An example of coloring the sugar skull with watercolor paints

How to use these Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

You can print these sugar skull coloring pages as many times as you want (for personal use only) which means you never have to worry about coloring them "perfectly" on your first try! This opens the door to all kinds of experimentation – from trying different media to printing on different surfaces, and so much more.

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Here are just some of the materials you can use to color these sugar skulls:

Sugar Skull Drawing

  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Tempera
  • Acrylics
  • Watercolor
  • Ink
  • Gouache
  • Gel pens
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Glitter pens

…and anything else you can think of!

Another idea is to print the pages at a lighter opacity, so that you can go over the lines with different colors - like I did here:

Day of the Dead coloring pages An example of using colored pencils to color a sugar skull

These coloring pages can be printed on:

Printable sugar skull coloring page

  • Regular white printer paper
  • Colored printer paper
  • Cardstock
  • Watercolor paper
  • Canvas
  • Specially-coated vellum
  • Sticker paper
  • …and even fabric!

These sugar skulls can also be a fun addition to any craft project. After you've colored them in, you can:

  • Cut them out to use in a collage
  • String them together to make a banner
  • Use them to decorate your own Day of the Dead altar
  • Decoupage them onto a special treasure box
  • Hang them on your front door as a festive decoration
  • Give them as presents
  • Hang them in your locker
  • Fold them into unique, handmade greeting cards
  • Frame them and display them in your home as a reminder of your awesomeness
  • Stick them on your fridge
  • Glue them in your sketchbook, scrapbook or journal

The possibilities are endless!

Important Stuff & Technical Info

The sugar skull designs in this e-book are so detailed and intricate that they are meant for adults, teenagers, and older kids. Younger kids might have trouble coloring within the tight lines – although coloring outside the lines is totally cool, too. The blank skulls, however, are perfect for all ages!

Sugar Skull Coloring Book Page to Print

These Sugar Skull Coloring Pages are available as an instant download as soon as your payment is received via your Paypal balance or credit card, which means you can purchase these coloring pages from wherever you are in the world!

If you pay via e-check, Paypal will need to withdraw the money from your account and transfer it to my Paypal account, which can take several days to clear.

Once your payment goes through, a special download link will be sent automatically to the email address you provided. Click on the link in the email, and you'll be taken to the download page.

Be sure to save the coloring pages somewhere on your computer where you'll remember. It's also a good idea to back up the file on another computer or an external hard drive, just in case!

Please note that you will not receive any physical paper print-outs. What you will receive is a nifty digital PDF file that contains all the pages of this Sugar Skull Coloring E-Book, so you can print each page as needed on your home printer.

You will need Adobe Reader to view these files, which you can download for free here if you don't already have it.

The file size for these Sugar Skull Coloring Pages is 12.5mb, because the images are high-quality for printing, so if you have a slow Internet connection, be aware that it may take several minutes to download this ebook. For the best quality, print at "Photo Setting".

Copyright Notice & Terms of Use

This e-book and the images inside it are copyright protected. My art is my livelihood, and I offer this e-book for your personal, non-commercial use only. You are not permitted to share the file with others or to sell or distribute these images in any way (this includes any craft items made from these images).

While this coloring e-book is meant for individual use only, teachers are permitted to hand out 1-2 pages per student, as long as the copyright info is left intact at the bottom of each page, but it is forbidden to pass out the entire e-book to each student.

If you have any questions about how these images can or can't be used, please feel free to contact me. Your purchase of these coloring pages constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use. Thank you!

About the Sugar Skull Artist

Thaneeya McArdle, Day of the Dead artist

Ever since I drew my first sugar skull in 2005, my Mexican sugar skulls have been my most popular image. Since then, I've sold my sugar skulls on t-shirts, mugs, ties, shoes, iPhone cases, and even wedding invitations – but this is the first time I've ever made my sugar skulls available as funky coloring pages!!

I'm excited to share my art with you in this way. You can see my sugar skull art here, and learn more this fascinating Mexican holiday in the Day of the Dead section on Art is Fun.

I hope these Sugar Skull Coloring Pages bring you tons of coloring fun!!

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Sugar Skull Coloring Pages - $8 instant download!

* only 38 cents per sugar skull - and you can color them as many times as you like!

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