Best art markers with fine tips and regular tips

Reader Question: I am looking for a variety of colors of markers that are probably two different sets: 

  • fine tips for small detail where colored pencil is too large, and
  • regular sharpie tips (in marker ink or acrylic but still a wide variety of color).

I have already purchased both in cheap discount packs and have quickly learned the drawbacks. I want something reliable and consistent. 

What do you recommend? I appreciate your guidance.

There are 3 different brands of markers that you should take a look at because they each meet all of your requirements. They are all double-ended markers, with fine tips on one end and bigger tips on the other end, so that saves you from buying 2 sets of markers.

Plus these are all professional-quality markers, so the pigment content and lightfastness will be of the highest standard possible for markers. Additionally, they all come in a wide variety of colors!

Here they are:

I've provided links below to the relevant products so that you can easily find them on Blick Art Materials, my favorite online art supplier. I'm a member of Blick's affiliate program, which means if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I'll receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Your purchase helps support this site and keeps it free of ads. Click here for more info.

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

Prismacolor is one of the best brands for drawing supplies. Their double-ended art markers are vibrant, highly pigmented and get good coverage.

One end has a fine tip and the other end has a chisel-like shape that can make 3 different widths (see the pic below for an example).

When it comes to professional quality double-ended markers, Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers offer the widest range of colors, with 156 colors to choose from. They can be purchase individually or in sets. Individually they cost around $3 each, which also makes them one of the most affordable professional double-ended markers.

Prismacolor Markers Line Widths

Copic Double-Ended Markers

Copic is another highly-regarded brand that makes professional-quality art markers used by illustrators, designers and fine artists. Copic offers 3 different types of double-ended art markers:

  • Copic Ciao Double Ended Markers - Copic Ciao Markers contain the same professional quality ink as the other Copics, but their smaller size and lower price makes them a good choice for beginning artists. They can be bought individually (currently under $4 each) or in sets, and come in 180 colors. They have a brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other end.
Copic Ciao Marker

While Copic Ciao Markers are good for beginners, the larger Copic Original Markers and Copic Sketch Markers are both widely used by professional illustrators, designers and comic artists. They're known for their rich color and ease of blending. The main difference between the two has to do with the tips, as described below:

  • Copic Original Markers - Copic Original Markers currently cost between $5-6 each and they are also available in sets. They are available in 214 different colors. Copic Original Markers have a fine point on one end and a chisel tip on the other end.
  • Copic Sketch Markers cost about the same as the Originals, but they have a brush nib on one end (not a fine point tip) and a chisel tip on the other end. They can be purchased in a whopping 358 colors!

Blick Studio Markers

Blick Studio Markers are not as well-known as Prismacolors or Copics, but they are still considered professional markers because of the ink quality. I prefer the Copic markers, but these are much cheaper and worth considering if you're on a budget.

Blick Studio Markers have a fine nib on one end and a chisel tip on the other end. They come in 96 colors and can be purchased individually (just over $2 each) or in sets.

Blick Studio Markers

So there you have 5 different types of double-ended art markers that you can try. If you're not sure which one to get, you could buy 1 or 2 markers of each type, try them all out, and then decide which one to invest in.

If price is a factor, I would recommend the Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers over the Blick Studio Markers.

If price is not a factor, then I would recommend either the Copic Original Markers or the Copic Sketch Markers, depending on whether you want your smaller tip to be a fine point (like with the Original Markers) or a brush tip (like with the Sketch Markers).

Just a note: Although the prices for these markers will inevitably change over time (so they may be different when people read this a few months or years from now), it is likely that the general price differences between these markers will remain the same.

Hope that helps and Happy Coloring!

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